Adult Ministries at Elkview Baptist Church

Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) Classes

Our ABF classes are held on Sunday mornings during the 9:30 a.m. Sunday School hour. These interactive small groups are designed to incorporate a sense of belonging and to nurture growth in biblical knowledge and Christian relationships, as well as provide.

Class Age Group Location Class Leader
Clay Cafe College & Up 2nd floor above Gym Wesley Henderson
Upper Room Adults 2nd floor above Lobby Ben Ellis
Berean Bible Study Adults 2nd floor above Lobby Lane Ellis
Explore the Bible Adults 2nd floor above Lobby Richard Cole
Grace Bible Study Senior Adults Fisher Hall Ed Hamrick
Disciples Bible Study Senior Adults Classroom off of Gym Jerry Anderson

The Berean Bible Class is an Adult Bible Fellowship & Sunday School learning forum for believers seeking a deep understanding of the Scriptures and applying the Scriptures to daily life. Our class format includes teaching primarily by Lane Ellis and James Salisbury, engaging interaction, and group discussions.  The approach to the Scriptures includes going through a book of the Bible, chapter by chapter, and typically one paragraph at a time, with book and topic overviews presented as appropriate.  Questions are encouraged and PowerPoint presentations are used as a visual aid.

Clay Café is our ABF designed for post-high school age and older.  The class offers an expository approach to the scriptures with open discussion.  There are no dumb questions in this class!  The goal is growing closer to the Lord by knowing His word. The class has recently gone through the book of Job, James, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, and is currently in Amos.  The class also has home groups throughout the year as well as other fellowship activities.

The Disciples Class presents the Word of God using a combination of lecture-style and conversational-style Bible study that is led by Jerry Anderson. We enjoy a time of fellowship and refreshments at the beginning of each class, and hold a full breakfast during the Christmas season. Being a class for those of us who are 55+, we are active within the SAM (Senior Adult Ministry) and enjoy the events hosted through that ministry. Our current study, 1 Samuel,  will run roughly until June 2023.

Richard & Mary Jane Cole co-teach the Explore the Bible Adult Bible Fellowship class. This class utilizes Explore the Bible curriculum which is designed to guide us through exploring the Bible over the span of eight years. We, with facilitated discussion, encourage everyone join the conversation, and view all dialogue as very important. In our class, we value everyone’s opinion. We invite adults of all life-stages to join us ad bring a wider perspective to our class! Coffee and snacks are provided each week.

Reading, studying and actively discussing God’s Word and how it applies to everyday living is the primary focus of Grace Bible Class.  Class lessons cover all books of the Bible, different biblical themes, topics and events from both the Old and New Testament.  It is our goal to help members grow in their relationship with God and others through the Good News of the Gospel, making them better disciples of Jesus.  Grace Bible class is a welcoming group that understands our relationship as brothers and sisters in Christ, treasuring each other as family members, loving, praying for and serving one another.

The Upper Room is designed for adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who want to dig deeper into their study of God’s Word while building relationships with others.

The class uses a conversational approach while emphasizing original intent, context and proper interpretation to discover the thrust of the passage which is then applied in a practical way.

When we come together, we are more than a class- we’re family. We learn together, pray together, laugh and cry together. Discussion and participation is encouraged with frequent questions and comments from the class. We plan social gatherings throughout the year beyond Sunday mornings.

Ladies’ Life

Ladies’ Life is the women’s ministry at Elkview Baptist Church with a variety of events and gatherings throughout the year. Our post-COVID kick-off was a celebration of coming together again in fellowship with our sisters in Christ.