Meet our Deacons

The Deacons assist the Pastors in the promotion of the spiritual welfare of the Church, serve as the Pastors’ counselors, and exercise prudent watch care over the Church Membership and congregation.  The Deacons are responsible for the oversight of the whole work of the Church in cooperation with the Pastors, consider applications for Church Membership, administer benevolence funds and/or assistance, administer communion, and articulate the Church’s position concerning the meaning and application of Scripture.

Jerry Anderson

Richard Cole

Joe Collins

Benjamin Ellis

Lane Ellis

Jay Lipscomb

Keith Mace

James Salisbury

Rodney Young

Meet our Trustees

The Trustees to manage, maintain, and care for all physical assets and property of the Church.  The Trustees perform their duties in cooperation with the Pastor(s) and Deacons.

George Chapman

Ed Harper

Jacob Harper

Mike Lough

John Parker

Ron Smith